Novel “Availability Awareness” Mobile Technology.
・Enhances safety while driving.
・Supports your "right to disconnect".
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We were granted a patent for our next generation “telephone communication service” The patents we have acquired are mainly for analyzing the availability status of the recipient. Will change the conventional way of making phone calls. For nearly 100 years, the caller dials a number, and the recipient (other party) answers. Our app, empowers people to better control when they are contacted.


Auto busy mode detection "Right to disconnect"

Novel “Availability Awareness” Mobile Technology.
・Support family health care.
・Daily temperature management in the team.
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Feeling is an app to record your daily health and share it with your friends and family. By sharing your health status with a third party, you can increase your health awareness. When making a call from the app, an alert will be displayed before making the call. ・Support family health care. ・Daily temperature management in the team.


Health information management and sharing.

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Free VPN app​
Completely free super fast and unlimited data usage.
DeVpn is the world’s most trusted security, privacy and access app.

–Unlimited data usage: You can use the function without traffic limitation. –No sign up, no registration, no credit card: You do not need to create an account or have a credit card to use the features of the app. –Unmatched VPN performance: DeVpn manages all VPN servers in-house, with dedicated servers ensuring the fastest VPN speeds and stable and secure connections. –No logs kept: DeVpn does not keep track of or keep logs of users and their activities.


Completely free super fast and unlimited data usage

GPS location tracker
Save and share your GPX logs.
Use saved route maps for work and personal use.

GPS Location Track Yudo Navi&GPX is completely free and you can log your travel information when you go to a place in the city or on a trip. You can import the GPX file generated by this location tracker Yudo to your computer and display it on Web Maps App. In addition, GPX generated by location tracker Yudo can be shared with other users using the sharing function of smartphones.


Save and share your GPX logs.

Funny psychic Hamack World
Supervised by a world-renowned magician
Mr. Hamack / Samurai hammar

Magic App Funny Psychic Hamack World! This is a further evolution of “Funny Psychic Hamack World,” which was released in 2010. It is a genuine laughing magic application. This application fully utilizes the functions of a smart phone, and under the supervision of Hamachan, the funny magician who has made inroads into Las Vegas and Shanghai, this application incorporates a lot of laughter into the magic application, and is an application that can be fully enjoyed by those who know Hamachan and those who do not. In addition, the card magic using all the cards, including the Joker, is sure to amaze everyone around you when you perform it.

Funny psychic Hamack World

Funny psychic😁

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